10 December 2008

My Tenth Day of Christmas

Whoa - running a little late today, eh?

I'm starting to shoot for the big things now. Too bad I think hubby's done with most of his shopping already ;) We're talked about re-organizing my home office (it's an ongoing challenge around here!). Right now I'm working on a tiny little desk that I originally purchased to fit in the galley kitchen in my old apartment. The poor desk is always overflowing with papers. I have a work counter on another wall that is a countertop resting across two two-drawer file cabinets. That could be disassembled and made into a spot for a desk. Are you following me here?

So, I need a new desk. It should have the following features:
1) full-sized work surface.
2) keyboard tray (a computer desk, not an old-fashioned office desk, as cute as they are).
3) AT LEAST one file cabinet drawer for my chocolate party files.
4) a place for my printer/scanner.
5) an enclosed cupboard for the tower would be nice, as it would keep Ms. Maggie from turning off the computer randomly when I'm trying to work (don't worry, she only does it when I'm distracted by trying to complete some vital task...)

With all that being said, I think this desk looks most like what I'm after. If it was a lighter color it would be cooler, but I'll take what I can get.

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Tammy said...

What a nice desk!