09 December 2008

My Ninth Day of Christmas

I don't remember what reminded me of this yesterday, but I've wanted to see Wicked the Musical for a long time. Since I read the book, pretty much. This morning when I looked around I found that it's in Detroit through the fourth of January. I also saw that Trans Siberian Orchestra is playing in Detroit and East Lansing over the holidays. Unfortunately the Detroit date is the same day as our family holiday celebration, but East Lansing isn't any (or much...) further.

I would love tickets from hubby for the two of us to go see Wicked the Musical or TSO.


bella1021 said...

ohhh sounds fun!!! (good luck;)

ps tag your it ;)

Shannon and Randy said...

That's a good Day of Christmas! Randy and I really liked Wicked when we saw it. It's always a good idea to get out and do something too -- sometimes that's better than getting something you have to find a spot for!

Tammy said...

Sure sounds like fun. You could make it a date night.