05 December 2008

My Fifth Day of Christmas

Zoiks! I just realized I'm getting ready to leave the house til late tonight and I haven't posted an addition to my holiday list for today yet.

Luckily today is an easy standby on my list. Diamonds. Hahahahaha...

I have four holes in one ear and three in the other, and my goal is to eventually have diamonds in all but the bottom 'main' holes. I'm almost there. I bought a little chip for the highest hole years ago. Last year for my anniversary hubby got 1/2 carat studs. Now I need something in between. I'd like a pair of 1/4 carat diamond studs. With screw backs so they don't easily come out.

Easy peasy.

1 comment:

Tammy said...

You never can go wrong with diamonds they look good with everything.