30 November 2008


You'd think I'd be a little more tired tonight. Last night at the cottage, Miss Maggie was a little too excited to be sleeping in the bed with mom and dad again. She squirmed. And wiggled. And giggled. And crawled around. When I rolled over and saw her at one point, she was dozing with her head toward our knees and her feet pointing toward the head of the bed. Crazy kiddo!

Luckily she's been sleeping soundly in the crib for a couple hours now that we're back home tonight, but I'm still following my regular nightly work routine. I should have skipped it to catch up on some beauty rest!

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Tammy said...

Kids can fall asleep in the funniest ways. I think I ended up with to much beauty sleep this weekend. Last night I could not get to sleep. I read till about 1:30 then made myself work on going to sleep. I guess I really didn't need it because I feel good today.