01 October 2008

To-Do List, Starting Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm not used to all this 'free' time on my hands! Time to throw out a list of things I'd like to get accomplished while I have some (involuntary) time away from working.
  1. Clean office.
  2. Organize for cropping.
  3. Divide and deliver Nancy's chocolate show stuff.
  4. Call garden club lady to come get styrofoam coolers.
  5. Find and purchase bike helmet for Maggie for this weekend.
  6. Put labels and stickers on new catalogs.
  7. Stamp my info on order forms.
  8. Prepare show folders well in advance of show next week.
  9. Mail more catalogs to next week's hostesses.
  10. Check into freezeable meals place (got a coupon in my StrollerStrides pack but still haven't looked into it!).
  11. Box up more of Maggie's outgrown clothes.
  12. Put out Halloween decorations! Yayness!!!
  13. If I'm feeling REALLY ambitious: Try to organize some of basement.


Anonymous said...

I definitely need to make a list like this! I love your blog design by the way! Very cute!!! :)

siteseer said...

Just keep checking things off. I love lists. There is such a sense of accomplishment.