23 October 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Twenty-third Edition

Hmm...I've only got a few minutes to spare (need to get ready for another chocolate party tonight), but I figured I can toss up (I had written 'throw up,' but that didn't sound too good...)
Thirteen Things on my Desk (and honestly? there are wayyy more than 13 things dropped and strewn on my desk!)

  1. Pens
  2. A chocolate catalog
  3. A can of Cherry Coke
  4. A bag of Ruffles
  5. The phone from the bedroom
  6. A roll of postcard stamps
  7. A picture of hubby, baby and I
  8. A picture of a bunch of babies born the same month as Maggie (thanks, Tiffany!)
  9. A box of Kleenex
  10. My label maker
  11. Some CDs
  12. Some Halloween candy
  13. A few popcorn crumbs


siteseer said...

that's my girl. Sounds like a little eating going on while a little working is taking place.

Tammy said...

What a mess! But sounds just like mine :)

I have Maggie on my blog today. I love looking at her little face.