28 October 2008

I'm IT!

I've been tagged by Keely at The Un-Mom to come up with seven facts about me when I was a teenager. That's her new condition.
So here goes:

  1. I used to like drinking Fuzzy Navels, but with orange soda instead of orange juice. Blech.
  2. My first car was a 1980 Pontiac Catalina station wagon that I swear used to be a hearse. It had a black exterior and red interior. There were snaps around the back windows, and actual rollers on the back door. I thought it was all kind of cool :)
  3. School came really easily to me. Unfortunately being told you're good at things doesn't really narrow down your options of what to do next (if that makes any sense).
  4. Several guys I dated left me for their ex-girlfriends. I always swore not to do 'repeats' and didn't typically get back with a guy after we'd split. We split for a reason and I was done with that.
  5. I was in band (played the flute and piccolo) for just one year. After my Freshman year, the band teacher left the program (I think over a funding dispute?) and I didn't like the teacher who came in, so I quit. I continued private lessons for a couple years though.
  6. I once took my mom's car out all night long while my parents were out of town. I only drove it to the mall, then left it and rode around with friends. I got busted months later when neighbor mentioned seeing me driving. The catch? I didn't have my license yet. Whoops! The neighbor didn't mean to rat me out, either.
  7. I managed the track team to get my Varsity letter, and because all my friends ran track. I was completely not athletic and even took gym as a summer school course so I wouldn't have to do showers and the locker room and all that stuff that creeped me out.
Now I need to tag more people...If you're listed, you need to post seven things about yourself as a teenager.

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siteseer said...

Funny, I already knew most of that about you lol. Thanks for the tag, looks like fun if I can remember that far back.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the tag. I'd love to play along.