22 October 2008

Catch 22

How many people have you heard lament about the high divorce rate in the U.S? I'm divorced. My husband is divorced. Several of our close friends are divorced. In school, many of my friends' parents were divorced...it goes on and on.

Hubby mentioned something to me the other day that kind of pissed me off about the whole thing. Some people we know got married - just so one or the other of them could get health benefits. Seriously? 'Society' worries about the divorce rate, but in some cases, unless you're married, you're out on your butt with your medical concerns.

It's getting so marriage is just another contract, another business, an industry that satisfies other needs. How very sad. What if the only reason to be married was for love? It sounds like the divorce rate may be a little better then.


siteseer said...

Makes you think doesn't it? Sometimes though people make it work. Like arranged marriages - a lot of them fall in love after the contract is signed.

Tammy said...

Some stay married just for the insurance. It's all crazy.

Keely said...

For sure - I know many couples who never bothered to get married but who have enjoyed long and happy relationships. I include myself in that roster (although mostly we're just too lazy to get married), but it must be different around here because as a 'domestic partnership', legally speaking we follow all the same rules as a married couple.

Guia Obsum said...

good thing there's no divorce in the philippines. hmmm.. i'm not sure if it's a good thing though. what we have is annulment. i don't know how it differs from divorce, seems the same to me in a social sense.