07 October 2008

C is for Cookie!

My 'mission' from Jodi is to list ten things I love that start with the letter C.
  1. Cherry Coke
  2. white Cheddar popcorn from Better Made (work with me here!)
  3. my Cat
  4. Creative Memories stuff
  5. being a Chocolatier with Dove
  6. Chocolate
  7. my Child (she's actually at the top of the list, but I had to think of some way to list her starting with a C!)
  8. Cookies without nuts
  9. Car trips
  10. Cuddling
Want your own letter? Leave me a comment and I'll hook you up!


Michelle said...

Yummy. Chocolate. I'm addicted to the stuff. I love the way your new blog looks. Great job!

Gilbamar said...

It's a different thing to do!
I want mine too, please!

Ah, I am a brasilian blogger. If you visit my blog get the Google translate in it to read it in english.

Ah! I'm not so good in your idiom.

B Boys Mom said...

OMG I'm so hooked on the White Cheddar Popcorn too! When I start I have to eat the whole bag. Okay hook me up with a letter.

Jodi said...

What a fun list!! I like white cheddar popcorn too!!