26 October 2008

Another Great Weekend

Busy, busy, busy! It doesn't feel like I've had a minute of down time all weekend.

Friday night hubby went to a concert with a friend of his, my BIL (hubby's younger brother) and a friend of BIL. After the concert BIL and his friend slept over in our living room til MIL came to get them Saturday morning.

Saturday morning MIL came to pick up the boys at the same time we had to leave for my chocolate party just over two hours away. Hubby drove me, and the baby slept in her carseat most of the way. I got to go to Jodi's house and meet several other ladies from a forum I hang out on. We all had a fun time. I wish we all lived closer and could get together more often!

Then Saturday for dinner we met up with Michelle. Her kids are even more adorable in person! All three kids (her two and my one) were wonderfully behaved. The biggest mess was made by my husband and an incident with the peanut bucket. Hahahaha...

Today our goal was to go to the cider mill. We made it out to the cider mill just before the rain started. Luckily we were on a covered porch when the hail came in. Oh, yeah. Welcome to crazy Michigan weather! It finally cleared up and we were able to enjoy a caramel covered apple along with donuts and cider. We stopped for a late lunch and a few games at the arcade on our way home.

Tonight was my last chocolate party for the month of October. It's not closed out yet, but I had a fun time and was able to bring another chocolatier with me to see my show. The guests (and my friend, the hostess) were really fun, cool people. I had a good time.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

I am jealous that you live close enough to hang out with some of our girls!

Tammy said...

My weekend was busy but not as busy as yours. But it sounds like you had fun. I love the cidar mill.

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a busy yet fun weekend. It's always nice to catch up with friends.