22 September 2008

To-Do List, Week of Monday, September 22, 2008

Is everyone ready to start all over again? It's time for me to splash some water on my face from the Kohler faucets and get my tushie in gear! Here are some things I hope to accomplish this week:

1. Work 30 hours (3.5 in so far...)
2. Go to Stroller Strides twice (already dressed, just need to put the stroller in the car and dress the baby for trip one)
3. Close out and enter the three chocolate parties for last week (deposits going to the bank today)
4. Call Lisa for her Pampered Chef order
5. Call Diane, Erika, Megan and Colleen about booking chocolate shows.
6. Get with Aunt Dee to get her show rolling for early next month (already scheduled).
7. Do some grocery shopping.
8. Get the clutter picked up TODAY before the cleaning people come this afternoon.
9. Mail check for Capital One payment (TODAY).
10. Mail check for rest of October crop.
11. Close Pampered Chef book party (disappointedly, since only one, hopefully two people ordered).
12. Order Creative Memories.
13. Post on MyFamily site for hubby's family to save any pictures they want, because their site is closing due to lack of interest.

I think that's a good start...


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a big list! Of course, I see the word chocolate mentioned in there a couple of times. Things are much easier with chocolate! :) LOL!

siteseer said...

I was wondering about #13. Too bad it didn't work out. Ours is so fun. Go look at my comment about Milo

Anonymous said...

I did #12 this morning. I love to scrapbook and with hockey season upon me....I can get caught up on those long practice days.

I love list!

Tammy said...

You off to a good start! I'm sure you will get everything done.

Whiney Momma said...

Ouch, lots to do there girlie. I hope you had a glass of wine when you got home.