18 September 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Twenty-second Edition

Yay for Amuso Game Shows!! Maggie won the Cutest Baby Contest, and I got just over $120 today!

So today's Thursday Thirteen is Thirteen things I could spend my winnings on, courtesy of Amuso Game Shows.

1. Pampered Chef stuff from the book show I have open with Jodi
2. Creative Memories stuff for the crop I'm going to with my mom next month.
3. More Chocolate supplies for my business.
4. A dress for the wedding we're going to this weekend.
5. A new winter coat and snow pants for Maggie.
6. A new Halloween door mat for the front porch.
7. A Halloween costume for Maggie!
8. More Cherry Coke.
9. A swimming pool for Maggie to use next summer.
10. A new purse.
11. Almost two tanks of gas :(
12. A haircut and color.
13. A pedicure.


Hf said...

Congrats, I say pedi, you deserve it!

Tammy said...

Great list! I think you will have no problem getting the things on your list with your winnings. Happy TT

Amanda West said...

YAY Maggie!! How exciting!!