11 September 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Twenty-first Edition

Hmmm....Started this without really knowing what I'm going to list. Oh! I thought of one...

Thirteen products I can hook you up with through Dove Chocolate at Home.

  1. Chocolate! (milk or dark)
  2. Chocolate Martini Mix!
  3. White Chocolate Smoothie Mix!
  4. Aztec Sipping Chocolate!
  5. Chocolate Mousse Mix!
  6. Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix!
  7. Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix!
  8. Chocolate Cupcake Kit!
  9. Dessert Sauce!
  10. Java Chip Smoothie Mix!
  11. Truffles!
  12. Chocolate Covered Almonds and Cranberries (milk or dark)!
  13. Double Chocolate Truffle Fondue!
Drooling yet? Check out my site, and let me know if you need anything :) I'll be submitting my next show soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I love chocolate. How could you post so many options?

siteseer said...

that martini mix is to die for.

Michelle said...

All these sound just wonderful. I love anything chocolate. Yummy!