30 September 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Today from Ten on Tuesday -
10 Great Things That Happened This Summer
  1. My baby turned one! (Doesn't it always come back to her?!)
  2. I went to California for the first time (San Francisco, to be exact).
  3. I started going to Stroller Strides.
  4. I started my new chocolate biz!
  5. Visiting friends at the Tail of the Dragon!
  6. Maggie's dedication.
  7. I got my Cricut!
  8. Maggie started walking!
  9. Boat rides.
  10. My first trip to Put In Bay (I want some more lobster bisque!).


siteseer said...

Sounds like your summer was nice. We had a great summer too.

Tammy said...

Sure sounds like a fun summer to me. Like your new look too!