07 September 2008

Sneaky, sneaky me!

Technology is doing such fabulous things. I can't imagine being a teenager now. Because while technology is exciting to see as an adult (which I'm afraid I fully qualify as at 36 years old now...), it would have been a lot more fun to use as a teenager. Maybe a big dangerous, even, but fun.

Take for example services for reverse phone tracer. So you have someone's phone number. But you'd really like to know more? Easy peasy. Go to the reverse phone tracer, put in their phone number, and you get the other information from their phone listing. Want to know who called you? That information would be with their listing. Trying to figure out where a number is that appeared on your phone call? Now you can look it up, and they'll never know!


litanyofbritt said...

hey don't forget myspace and text stalking!!
whatever happened to hiding out in someone's bushes??? aw, the good old days.
i think i am the only person on earth without caller ID

Twyla said...

I don't think being a teenager would have been as much fun. I loved prank calls, tp'ing someone's house, etc. Teenagers are too much into gadgets now a days LOL

BTW does this mean if I call you that you're now gonna stalk me with that tracer? ;)

Michelle said...

Sounds fun. I would of sure loved this when I was a kid. I think the phone was permanently glued to my ear at 16.

siteseer said...

hey litanyofbritt, I don't have caller ID either. So there are at least 2 of us that are surprised when we hear the voice at the other end lol.

Carolyn said...

tried the tracer. My home phone is a year old and it shows someone else as being the owner of the number.