05 September 2008

Random Friday

  • I haven't found my camera since we got back from camping (where I also didn't take any pictures). So that's why all the pictures this week were from last weekend.
  • A friend reminded me today about the breast cancer site. Go click. The sponsors will donate a free mammogram. Then come back and read the rest of my list. ;)
  • I meant to post a couple weeks ago about something another friend told me. If you're like me, when you go through old clothes to donate, anything stained, ripped or otherwise unwearable gets thrown away. Don't do that! Charities will donate these things to places even worse off (i.e. third-world countries). That had never occurred to me before. She suggested bagging them up and marking the bag as slightly damaged items.
  • Hurricanes suck. I think it's the crazy weather they've sent even this far north that has given me this nightmarish headache for the last two days. Ugh.
  • I can hear Maggie playing with a plastic bag in the other room. It's fine as long as she doesn't play space cadet, right?
  • We STILL haven't gone grocery shopping. I make these wonderful lists of things to do and forget how HARD it is around working 30 hours a week from home, Maggie's nap times, my time to try and get my chocolate business going, and basic housekeeping. Another big Ugh!


Carolyn said...

I feel your pain on the not even making it to the grocery store. We've been out of bread for 2 days.

Anonymous said...

Hope your weekend is better. We're prepping for possible hurricane chaos around here and it stinks. :-(

Anonymous said...

I have always donated my items with light stains. For really nasty ones, I use them for dusting, etc. :)

Mammogram Implants said...

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