21 September 2008

Another Crazy/Busy Weekend!

I keep having high hopes of getting ahead on my work over the weekend, and writing insightful blog posts during breaks. HA!

Saturday Mimi came over to watch Maggie while hubby and I went to the wedding of a great friend of his. It was great catching up with some people that we only see a couple times a year. The wedding was at 2pm, and the reception wasn't til 6:30, so we took our over-dressed selves to the bar to shoot pool in between. The whole day was a lot of fun, but the week of trying to get my work hours in while doing two chocolate shows was really wearing on me - I've been exhausted! I'm glad all of his friends were there, because I don't think I'd have been very good company on my own.

Today I had another super-successful chocolate show. It happened to be with one of Mimi's friends, so after the show (that hubby was nice enough to drive me to), we went to Mimi and Papa's for dinner. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon to wind down and wrap up the weekend. Now hubby is playing with Maggie in the living room while I try, yet again, to get a jump on my work for the week!


siteseer said...

Peanut sure did entertain all the ladies at the show. We love having her around. Oh yeah, you too.

Tammy said...

The weekends do go by way to fast! I heard you party went great. Good job.