21 August 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Twentieth Edition

Last week's TT left me in such a good mood, I wish I could do it again :) Instead, this time I offer: Thirteen Things I'm Looking Forward To.

  1. My new business! More to follow on that probably next week. Do you love chocolate? Hmm...
  2. Another free StrollerStrides class tomorrow morning!
  3. Spending time with hubby and baby this weekend! (Probably on the boat, but whatever would be fine.)
  4. Going camping with my parents next week!!!
  5. Eating lots of seafood while hubby is in Germany for a few weeks.
  6. Hubby coming home from Germany in September.
  7. Grandma going home from rehab.
  8. Halloween!!
  9. Maggie learning more signs :)
  10. Meeting some online friends probably in September or October (yay for a local-ish Michigan board!).
  11. My chocolate party TONIGHT!!
  12. Fixing some stuff up around the house in October.
  13. Having green grass maybe next spring (it's all dead now and the ants have taken over :( )


Anonymous said...

Camping is fun. I miss it. I'm also looking foward to halloween.

Yasmin said...

Happy TT and I'm looking forward to TGIF. ;)