31 August 2008

Some Pictures from the Weekend

Sorry I sort of disappeared there. I think I'd mentioned in a few posts back that I was really excited to get my work done and go visit my parents at the campground where they were staying. I was able to accomplish my goal almost according to my schedule. I busted my butt to get my work done by Wednesday afternoon, and we were with my parents by 8pm on Wednesday night :)

Here Maggie is chilling in her stroller down by the river. Her adorable lil crocs are from Mimi. She spent most of this walk chewing on them, but this was while she was still just enjoying our company.

Maggie also loved the fact that so many dogs go camping. Here she is with one of her new friends. Anyone who knows sign language will be very amused by Maggie's new communications. Her sign for dog (which should be more like snapping her fingers, as you might picture someone calling a dog) looks just like the sign for milk (picture someone milking a cow). And everything that's not human is a dog in Maggie's world. She makes her sign for dog when she hears a dog barking, or sees a dog, or sees a cat, or sees a duck, or sees a large bug. They're all dogs to her :)


Tiffany said...

She is just too precious! Every moving thing is also a "puppeeee" in our house too!

Amanda West said...

Welcome home!! Maggie's hair looks super cute pulled back!! (Brynn hates it when I do hers, she usually yells at me atleast once when I do it, but it's the only way that I can keep it out of her face!!)

We've started to do sign language too. She's pretty good at "more" but that's about it right now!! ;o)

Unkempt Mommy said...

Maggie and Scout are kindred spirits. They both love chewing on Crocs and they both go nutso for dogs. I bet they would be great pals IRL.