15 August 2008


Although I won't be telling the whole story til next week, I've been cruising around looking at postcards. At Vistaprint, I could get postcards made up and delivered to me in just three days. With the coupon code PC50, I could get 50 oversized postcards free - and so could you!

I don't know if you've used them for anything before, but I have and I love them! I've gotten business cards from Vistaprint a few times, as well as rubber stamps on a couple different occasions. Usually it was when I was doing a direct sales business, but I also got some cards just saying I'm Maggie's mom and giving my phone number and email address when I started attending a couple of mom's groups. I figured that way I'd have the information handy without having to juggle a scrap of paper, a pen and a wiggly baby at the same time. And with Vistaprint's free cards, it was a fun little something I could do for myself.

Go browse through their business cards and post cards - it's fun! They have lots of ready made pictures to put on things, or you can upload your own. And depending on how much you want to spend, you can get a whole slew of options for the front and back. If you were to pick what you wanted now, on most things you'd have it in your hot little hand before next week ends - often WELL before :)


Anonymous said...

I heart Vistaprint! I get their 250 free business cards fairly regularly for my Avon stuff... also have ordered their labels, reinking stamp thingy (didn't like that so much), post it notes, postcards. I think their stuff is pretty decent and cheaper than anything else out there!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great deal. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oooh thanks! I love free stuff! That's definitely in my price range. lol