07 August 2008

Picture of the Day

So with the scarcity of my posting lately, I'm going to totally steal an idea from C.O. and AnnMarie and do a Picture of the Day. I don't see it going forever, but I'm going to start. It may last a week, or a month, or whatever, but I'm making a goal to carry the camera if we do..well, anything, and if we don't? Share a picture I have that was taken previously. Wish me luck!

Here's Maggie and I heading out for the Sunsation Owners' Rally a couple weekends ago. She actually wasn't the youngest one there, as some other boat owners had their ten week old along for the ride :)


The Rudstroms said...

We feel proud that you're stealing the idea. When you carry around the camera, it's amazing what neat photos you can take. It also helps you see the beauty and uniqueness of everyday life.

Tammy said...

She looks so little in that big boat.