05 August 2008

Oh, well

Although it's still early August, and the weather is still hot and sunny, I think summer is essentially nearing completion.
Our new patio? Never happened.
Any garden decor to go with? Of course not.
The pieces of siding looking really yucky on our house? Will still be the same next spring.
The torn up/missing screens on our door wall and some windows? May be addressed next summer, but it's too late for this year.

The bright side? Maggie has a SPECTACULAR playhouse that we should be able to use year round, since it protects her (somewhat) from the elements. Hopefully hubby's back will improve from here on out (and luckily they've said surgery doesn't look necessary) and we'll be able to take another look at the list of outdoor things that should be done for next spring/summer.


Amanda West said...

I'm glad your hubby's doing better!! Maggie's awesome playhouse deck area is amazing, so that makes up for the other stuff that you weren't able to do yet!!

Hf said...

I feel your pain. The only reason something is getting done around here, we are moving.

Daily Verses said...

I'm glad he doesn't need surgery. Hopefully things will get much better from here!

siteseer said...

glad surgery isn't indicated. Things wait... I can attest to that.

Tammy said...

The things will alway wait for you! Great to here that he will not need surgery.