18 August 2008

Oh Noes!!

Did I even make it a week? I forgot to put up a picture of the day yesterday :( Sorry.

This morning has been busy around here! I woke up at 7am, but just eased Maggie into her bouncy chair so I could take a shower, and she could keep sleeping. At 7:45am, I was dressed and reasonably presentable, and it was time to hit the road. I wrangled the cat into her carrier (no scratches or bites, thank-you-very-much), put a nearly sleeping Maggie in the car seat, and headed to the vet to drop Audrey off for her grooming. As I got ready to leave there, they said she'd be ready by 10am. That's quick! I had to tell them that I'd be back after 11:30 so I wouldn't have to bring the baby.

Once we got home again, Maggie was still tired and not much interested in playing. When that was fizzling out, I went ahead and put her in the high chair to try and feed her some breakfast. Unfortunately Miss Sleepyhead wasn't much in the mood for that either. After giving up, I went ahead and gave her a bath. She perked up for a few minutes. She always does like playing in the water.

My original plan was to keep her up until Grammy and Gramps came to get her, so she'd sleep in the car on the way to their house for the day, but it didn't work. After a couple hours since she'd been up and fussy, I finally let Maggie have a nap at 10am. At least she was able to get an hour and a half in before we loaded her into their car. Now she's off for a day of fun!

I went back to get the cat, and as I headed for the door with the carrier in hand, I heard someone call my name - it was my cousin, his wife, their daughter and their dog! What a weird coincidence! They highly recommend the vet where my cat was groomed, which was good to hear. We caught up for a few minutes, until the complaining child and cat in the cars protested too much.

So now I'm trying to work as much as I can since I don't have to attend to Maggie's needs this afternoon. Maybe I'll even write something with some substance this afternoon! *collective gasp*

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Hf said...

enjoy your alone time! Hope she has fun with grandma and grandpa!