19 August 2008

My To-Do List - Week of Wednesday, August 20

  • Make grocery list (including weight loss pills, er, I mean milk inducing herbs. Milk production/nursing is still keeping my weight down).
  • Pick out coupons from giant pile to go with grocery list.
  • Oh! Before that, finish clipping coupons from last Sunday's paper ( I LOVE clipping coupons :) )
  • Make menus through next Monday, August 25. After this, hubby will be gone, so I can eat all seafood, all the time.
  • Pick up Maggie's one-year photos (yay!!)
  • Get drinks and dippings for chocolate tasting party on Thursday.
  • Get birthday present for two-year-old girl (any suggestions? around $30, I'm thinking...)
  • Go to StrollerStrides Friday morning.
  • Go to two-year-olds birthday party on Friday.


Hf said...

nice list ;) as for a 2 yr old, maybe a stroller for her "baby" or dress up clothes.

Tammy said...

You have a lot of shopping a head of you! Good luck!

Twyla said...

I have a bunch of ideas for you. Let me complile a list hehe

Amy Anderson said...

Um, chocolate tasting party???!!! How much do you think it would cost for me to fly there?