22 August 2008

Information, Please

There's a new directory site in town. Whether you need local carpet cleaners, or Austin locksmiths, or a Dallas home inspector, they've got your hook-up! It's not just Texas, either. You can search for services all over the U.S. on Clicksmart.com. I think it will be the perfect place for me to look for someone to ask about fixing up our lawn next spring (yes, that's still on my to do list). And if I give up on all this 'fixing' stuff, they've got categories ready to go for moving services. I'll find a house somewhere with a nice lawn. Perhaps we'll start over somewhere new entirely and end up needing an inspection on a nice new place in Dallas after all.

(Don't get your hopes up yet, Andria. That would mean deciding my lawn is more important than having my mommy close by. Probably won't happen ;) )

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