15 August 2008

Huh...fake weed?

Okay, so that's just what Seth Rogan called it. In reality, it's "RYO (roll your own) legal bud hybrids." No matter what you call it, International Oddities acknowledges it is still a non-tobacco product not to be purchased or used by anyone younger than 18 years of age. So if you're under 18, this is just knowledge for your future reference, or head on over to another post ;)

Apparently the buzz over this 'alternative' non-tobacco product has been heightened from an incident at the 2008 MTV awards where a bag was held up, and something was smoked on stage (the bag was an unsmoke-able, totally fake prop, but what was smoked was an actual cigarette with products from International Oddities. The same product (or maybe a variation, but from the same source) was smoked in nearly every scene of Pineapple Express. I wish I could say more about that, but I'm seeing the movie tonight. Right now, I know nothing about it other than the fact that there is smoking in nearly every scene, according to the press. ;)

International Oddities claims that the 'legal bud' they've been offering for 25 years is a favorite of the underground elite. I've never been a smoker, elite or otherwise. Okay, okay...maybe a couple of clove cigarettes in a smoky goth bar years ago...But never enough to make me any sort of authority on the subject. I'll see if they make it look as good as the website tries to make it sound when I see Pineapple Express tonight.

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