26 August 2008

Huh. How did that happen?

I missed a whole day of posting. Usually when that happens I know it. Of course that means I also missed a picture of the day. My sincere apologies.

Hubby is now on his way to Germany for business. I promised that while he's gone I'd try to put up current pictures each day so he can get his fix of pictures of his little girl. I'll have to make sure I don't get any blackheads or anything and maybe I'll even put up a few pictures of me ;)

That being said, tomorrow is the last day there will be anything new here til Labor Day. Hopefully the little one and I are heading to visit Mimi and Papa at a campground for the rest of the week, once I get my 30 hours of work in. Wish us luck on hurrying through that tomorrow. So far this afternoon she's cooperating and playing quietly in the other room so I can try to get some time in.

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Michelle said...

Hope you have a great labor day with your family.