30 July 2008

What a Week! (and it's only Wednesday...)

I don't know if I mentioned our crazy schedule coming up, but hubby was scheduled to be on a business trip this week, then home for the weekend, then gone next week, then home til Labor Day, then gone for two weeks after that. Ugh!

Sunday he cut the grass so it wouldn't be out of control before he got back this weekend. When he went to put the tractor away the real trouble started. He pulled out his back and came in screaming. We only had an hour or so til we needed to leave for the airport, so he took a quick shower and then just laid down while I packed what he told me to. He seemed to be doing a bit better (and the Vicodin I had laying around was kicking in), so we decided to stop for lunch on our way.

Unfortunately when we got to the restaurant, he couldn't get out of the car. His next plan was for us to just drive-thru for food somewhere and then drop him off. Ummm...honey? Yeah. If you can't get out of the car and to the door of the restaurant, you probably won't make it through security. We finally ended up heading to a little urgent care next to his doctor's office instead.

Once there, he still couldn't get out of the car under his own steam. Since it was a small facility, they had to call paramedics to get him out. After an x-ray, the doctor on duty decided he had pulled a muscle, and sent him home. Luckily he got from the car to the bed okay. He slept mostly for the next 24 hours while I brought him the muscle relaxer and narcotic pain killer right on schedule.

Monday afternoon, he said his chest hurt, and he still couldn't get off the bed. I called 911. When you say 'chest pain,' they're pretty quick buggers. I took Maggie over to the neighbors because hubby's screaming was scaring her, and I didn't want to be worrying about her while helping hubby wait for the paramedics. The fire rescue truck pulled up right after I got back.

We had him taken to the hospital a couple miles from our house, and Maggie and I followed soon. Hubby was in the ER for most of the evening. They took a CT scan and said it showed a herniated disc - the same one I was treated for in 2006. We figured it must have been contagious ;)

Around 10pm Monday night he was admitted and moved to a bed in the hospital. Maggie and I stayed just til he got settled, then headed home. Tuesday my MIL came over to sit with Maggie, then headed over to the hospital after lunch. In the afternoon my SIL came over so I could go visit hubby. The neurologist came to see him while I was there, but really couldn't say much yet. He did say that hubby can come home when he can walk around.

Hubby is scheduled for an MRI any time now. His mobility is getting a little better, and the pain is tolerable with dilaudid (although he says it isn't really helping, he's been dozing, and isn't screaming, so I think it's something, but he just isn't totally comfortable still).

I'm heading up there in a bit to see if they'll be ready to discharge him. And if not, at least give him a chance to see his little girl for a few minutes. If that doesn't cheer him up, nothing will :)


Carolyn said...

Oh. Poor guy. Wish I was closer to come and offer help. Prayers for healing.

Beth said...

I certainly hope he feels better soon and the craziness settles down a bit.

siteseer said...

I wish I was home so I could help. This vacation thing is getting long, especially when I'm needed at home.

Tammy said...

OMG What a week for you! Keep us updated on how he is doing.