23 July 2008

A New Site :)

Well, baby girl is finally down for her second nap on her birthday. We had to really fight for the afternoon nap, because the early nap ran late! Hahahaha... These things happen on a busy day. But now luckily she's asleep. The plan is for her to wake up and eat dinner with her daddy and me, and then we can all go for a walk. The big surprise? I think we're going to get her very own baby cone at Dairy Queen tonight. What fun!

Since she's been down, I've been working (as usual) and all over the internet (as usual). I found a new site. The first picture is what got me to scroll down and see the rest. It's Jay's corner. She is a girl from India who writes about a variety of things. There are a couple review posts of other blogs she has found, as well as a post about the Olympic 'mascots' (cute lil anime looking bears in five colors), and a few about iPhones and other mobile and technology things (which unfortunately don't hold my interest much). In all the variety of movie review, money making opportunities and recent buzz stories, I wasn't able to learn much about Jay personally. While I'm sure her blog is great for her niche readers, I don't know how often I'll be back. Most of the blogs I choose to read are about peoples' real lives. But it takes all kinds - keep writing, Jay, and I'm sure the readers will keep coming :)


Jayanthy said...

thanks a lot for the review about my blog! do visit it when you can..

Tammy said...

Interesting review.