27 June 2008

Summer is here!

Finally! Now's the time for those who meant to lose weight in the spring to get to it! There are plenty of drugs to help, like Phentermine for those who want to go that route. Hubby and I have talked about a family membership to some sort of gym or community center. He wants to lose weight, and I could stand to gain! I think what we both want is just to be in better shape. Chasing the baby takes my energy, but doesn't seem to be using any muscles enough to make them look nice!


Anonymous said...

I have been going to a personal trainer for about 4 months and just got on Phentermine. My misunderstanding about it was that it was a weight loss drug when actually it is an appetite suppressant. I was hoping more for a weight loss drug, but because of other side effects with them, we went with the Phentermine as a better alternative overall for me.

I am enjoying your blog. I got to your blog through AllMediocre.

Amanda West said...

I used Phentermine before I got pregnant with Brynn and I lost close to 20lbs!! I'm thinking about going back on it... it's expensive but it was worth it!! My dr's wife was on it for a while too and lost over 30lbs!!

Tammy said...

I'm doing good and have lost 6 lbs. drug free. I just have to stop eatting! Talking about eatting if you come over to your moms again before she gets back tell me and maybe we can do lunch.