22 May 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Twelfth Edition

Today? Well, I'm already really late, but here's Thirteen Ideas for Lunch. I've already eaten lunch today, but this is an ongoing struggle for me, so I thought I'd list some ideas out for future reference.

1. Leftover pizza (which I had today, thanks, Mom!)
2. Little Caesars individual pizza kits (yeah, thanks, Mom again!)
3. A fish filet (I love the individually vacuum sealed ones you get in a pack of six, or eight, or 25 if it's from GFS. They go perfectly in the toaster oven for a nutritious and delicious lunch.)
4. Nachos (Can't go wrong here. Either chips and salsa, or chips and ground beef and salsa, or chips and beans and ground beef and salsa...all yummy!)
5. Spaghettios (Nuff said)
6. Leftover chili (one of my favorites - the beans and meat are a mass of protein, and the leftovers from one dinner usually last me almost a week worth of lunches!)
7. Leftover taco salad (another dinner I intentionally make knowing I'll get a lunch or two out of the deal.)
8. Shrimp cocktail and crescent rolls (haven't had this one in quite a while - it was an old favorite in the apartment years ago...)
9. Sloppy joe meat with potato chips (yet another fabulous intentional dinner leftover, but then I use the chips instead. The chips MUST have ridges, preferably Ruffles.)
10. Hummus and bread (yummy and full of protein again...)
11. Fast food (since I already ratted myself out weeks ago, no point in pretending I don't like it now!)
12. Random dinner leftovers (there's usually at least one serving leftover, if I can bring myself to eat the same thing again...I'm not usually a big leftover fan, except my favorite exceptions listed above.)
13. Peanut butter jelly time! (classic!)

Now, why are my ongoing lunch plans such a concern? I'm losing too much weight. Since having Maggie, I lost all my 'baby weight' within a few weeks. And then I kept losing. I know nursing Maggie keeps the weight coming off, but I love being able to feed my baby. I'm now about ten pounds less than I was when I got married, and I wasn't big to begin with.

Please - don't say, "You're so lucky." I've seen pictures of myself, and I feel like I'm starting to look too skinny. People come up to me and say, "You're so skinny!" When would it EVER be acceptable for me to say to someone, "You're so fat!" in exactly the same disdainful tone? NEVER, that's when. So why is it okay for people to bring such negative attention to my weight on a consistent basis?

So my goal is to keep eating (even when I don't have much of an appetite) and keep drinking lots of water. If all the extra snacking catches up with me when I stop nursing, I promise not to tell skinny people how 'lucky' they are....


Chelle Y. said...

I could eat peanut butter and jelly everyday. :)

Phoebe Jordan said...

Happy TT! I'm an all for eating and that is a mighty list for things you can eat for lunch. I don't think I've had about almost 3/4 of what you have on that list but I might try them someday.

Hope to see you at my 2nd edition about Nora Roberts at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

Janet said...

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruffles have rrrrrrrrrridges ;-)

As for the weight thing, I think people feel it's acceptable to say "You're so skinny!" because the media has made weight such an issue! Hope you keep your weight up :-)

Anonymous said...

Sloppy Joe's with DORITOS is the bomb. You should try that sometime!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to lunch all day long. Even after lunch. So many yummy choices.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, LOVE leftover taco salad! Yum!!

I'm sorry, but I do have to say that you are lucky to not have a problem gaining weight. I would give anything to have that problem. Anything.

siteseer said...

Great TT. What do they say "the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree". I couldn't gain wait either. It finally caught up with me later. Just enjoy now.