06 May 2008

Ten on Tuesday

I've been so busy running around with..well...everything! That my posting seems to have fallen by the wayside. So this morning I hit The Daily Meme for inspiration. From there, I found Ten on Tuesday. Today's topic?
Ten Places You’d Love to Travel To (That You Haven’t Gone to Yet)
This is kind of a hard one for me, since hubby loves to travel even more than I do, and because we traveled A LOT in the RV when I was younger. To make it a little more bearable, I'm going to modify my list to be places I'd love to travel that I haven't gone to yet - since I've been an adult. K?

1. Salem, Massachusetts - this is one of those places that I did visit with my parents (I think), but I'd like to go see all the old historical, touristy stuff with an adult's perspective. This actually applies for most of the east cost of the U.S.A.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle - this is at least one of the inspiration's for Cinderella's castle at the Disney theme parks. Since Neuschwanstein is in Bavaria, it was one of the places we considered visiting on our Germany trip, but it was a little too far in a car with an infant. We'll make it back sometime, though.

3. Boldt Castle - I'm not sure if this is Canadian or American. It's in Alexandria Bay, and we've seen it from the boat, but never actually gone to it. I want to see the real deal :)

4. Hawaii - I love the island climate, and I can't list Bahamas, since we just went there a couple months ago. I've never been to Hawaii, though. Let's go!

5. The west coast of the U.S.A. - while I think I was in California when I was younger, I don't think I've been all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Weird thing about me? I don't like getting in the water, but I like seeing it. Go figure.

6. Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC - this is already on hubby and my list of places to visit. The big catch for us has been its size - they recommend a couple days to see it all, and we're usually just passing through.

7. Charleston, SC - hubby says this is somewhere I'll like. Also, either here or, well, anywhere else, I'd LOVE to go on the night walking tour where they tell you about ghosts and stuff. I just think it sounds like fun.

8. Sunset Bat Flight - okay, so I wasn't actually thinking of this as a 'location,' but I like bats, and would love to go someplace to see them and learn more about them. There was a thing in the U.P. of Michigan that I'd considered going to years ago. This link is to a place in Texas that claims to have the largest public population of bats.

9. Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis - just cuz Mae and Tara have gone there with their kids and made it look like so much fun! There's probably one closer to home for me, if I had the time and wasn't working so much :(

10. I want to go visit all my wonderful bloggy and mommy friends who are all over the map! (If I win the lottery, I'll be on my way! (Sorry for anyone I left off - this linking stuff was getting exhausting! Hahahaha)


Amanda West said...

YAY!! Anytime!! If you don't win the lottery before next summer, I think we're heading to Ohio to visit friends and family so maybe we can meet up at Cedar Point!! Hubby's never been there and it would be fun to get the girls together!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

We'd love to see you, but I think you might find middle America rather boring.

Tiffany said...

We're also in middle America... but the people here rock :)

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Any any any time! Asheville is worth the trip - as it's own destination. Then, we are just a short drive over from there :)