14 May 2008

Settling in Again

Well, it looks like we'll actually be home for a spell. 'Course, I think that spell is only a month or so for hubby, til he packs up his Briggs and Riley luggage for a business trip out west, but I think it's til July for Maggie and I! Only day trips around here now.

We've always traveled a lot (well, at least since I've been with him starting in 2004). I was much more of a homebody before that, so a couple months at home doesn't really bother me. And with the baby, things are admittedly easier at home than on the road. We comment every time we go away how well she travels, though. We've gotten very, very lucky in that department. :)

The next big trip on our agendas? At least peek of the calendar, it's our friends Jeff and Bonnie's commitment ceremony in California. I think hubby's trying to do some juggling now so we'll hopefully still get to go. The broken car from last weekend isn't going to be free to fix. We've also got to check and see which of the weekend's events will be baby-friendly. I may be sitting out some of the festivities to explore wherever we're staying with her instead. We'll see!


siteseer said...

maybe you could just hop on a short flight to Alaska from CA? Just sayin

Anonymous said...

Briggs and Riley rocks. They have a lifetime guarantee- Jason swears by that brand.