30 May 2008

Kitchen Drama

I don't think my kitchen is 'small' in the traditional use of the word, but with the layout of that area of my house, it may as well be, sometimes. The walls are all lined with cupboards or appliances, with no room for a buffet of sorts or a wine rack (which is okay, it just forces us to drink the wine as soon as we get it..hahahaha).

We should be able to work around that - I've seen kitchens with less cupboard space and always thought that would be really frustrating. But our cupboards are so jammed with junk it makes it hard to get to whatever we're actually looking for at the moment. This weekend I've told hubby we're going to start going through some cupboards and getting rid of stuff at next weekend's charity garage sale. My other solution? I want a shelving unit for downstairs, where I can keep extra food, as well as stuff like my crockpot, that takes up tons of room in a cupboard, but would be easily accessible enough at the bottom of the stairs.

What's your best kitchen organization tip? (Besides drinking the wine instead of storing it - we've got that covered!)

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Tammy said...

One thing we did for the boys was to have a low cupboard with their plasic cups and plates in it. This way they didn't have to climb to get something and they could do things for themself. I know Maggie is young for this but keep a place in mind.