19 May 2008

Menu Time!

I'm getting ready for grocery shopping tomorrow (after our swim class, of course) and needed somewhere to compile the recipes I'm finding to try for the next week. Duh! My blog - I'm here alll the time anyway! ;)

Beef and Bean Chimichangas
Garlic Chicken
Easy Taco Casserole
Quick Beef and Rice
BBQ Slow Cooker Chicken
Easiest Slow Cooker Beef Roast
Hubby's Pork Schnitzel
Hubby's Sesame Chicken (I'll have to see if these recipes are anywhere besides in his head!)
Pasties and Gravy (I buy the pasties from a local bakery for $5 each and they are HUGE!)
Chicken Ravioli with Ancho Cream Sauce (this is out of my Sandra Lee 20 minute cookbook - I'll have to type it in here some time!)

Wow - I used a lot of exclamation points toward the end there! Hahaha...but there is it - our menus for the next couple weeks!

1 comment:

Tammy said...

I'm hungry they all sound yummy.