16 May 2008

Haiku Friday

So I'm a little late. I wrote a bunch of Mothers' Day haikus a few weeks ago for a contest, and intended to post the ones I didn't enter to the contest up here last weekend - in time for Mothers' Day. But then we left town (again!), and I forgot to schedule it to post. But who doesn't want to celebrate mom all the time?!?

No place is safer
than mother's hug - heals all wounds
I love you always.

Always positive,
smileing, wise and now happy
to be a grandma.

Like a good hair day,
Mom always makes me smile -
not an easy task.

Now that I'm a mom,
I can start to understand
the value of naps.

Loving my daughter
helps me to appreciate
my wonderful mom.

Giving, supporting,
teaching love, and right from wrong -
There's no one like mom.

Hope everyone had a great Mothers' Day, and it continues every day :)


siteseer said...

What a great haiku and sentiment. Thank you. You are so gifted in the language arts.

Anonymous said...

These are great! Happy Friday!

Tammy said...

Your haiku is very nice. I think we should celebrate mom everyday.

Anonymous said...

My mom was my BFF before I had my kiddo. But, seeing her as a grandmother makes me love her more.

It's always okay to salute motherhood.