22 May 2008


I was reading on Yahoo! this morning (since I'm up early and the work site isn't working..grrr...), and some football guy is marrying some cheerleader (sorry, I'm not much of a sports fan).

What I liked about the article he wrote? His reaction to the guys that offer him 'sympathy' on getting married:
...I'm excited for the big day, so please don't feel sorry for me because marriage sucks for you...

I've gotten annoyed when hubby jokingly says he's 'sorry' when someone announces their engagement. It's not the 14-year-old sense of humor that gets me, it's exactly what Chris Cooley is talking about - we have a GOOD (sometimes even GREAT) marriage - why would you want to give people any other impression?

Thank you, football guy, for expressing what I couldn't get across.


gail said...

Go football guy, it's yur birthday.. hee. I never thought that was a funny joke either.

Tammy said...

I agree! Good job football guy!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

i totally agree! luckily for me, my dh raves about our marriage to his friends (actually, they're all jealous ~LOL~). he jokes about lots of stuff, but not that.

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