14 April 2008

Timing is Everything :(

Our cable went out on Friday. By 'out,' I mean it's not longer connected to the pole, and is instead out on our deck like a useless cable snake.
Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a big problem. After all, I only watch one show, two if I happen to be free on Monday night for Intervention. But my one true TV love currently is Rock of Love 2. Oh, yeah. The same show that had it's season finale last night.
And last night, unfortunately, can also be defined as the night BEFORE we get our cable back. Yikes!

So I had it TiVo-ed for me. But I'm way too impatient. I think it took me about 37 seconds after I got online to find the spoiler from the finale. And the right girl won :) I've read about 12 recaps of last night's finale, in a couple of different languages (just kidding - I'm uni-lingual). So do I bother watching the finale at my brother's house? I'll probably just wait for the reunion show next week.
Any big moments I need to see on the show, instead of reading about?

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