03 April 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Fifth Edition

Since I've been out of work, I've been really appreciating the ability to go out...whenever and do...whatever we want! Yesterday it was just going for a walk with the baby (and probably today, too, since it's supposed to be even warmer than yesterday!), but Tuesday we got to go visit Mimi and GG, and tomorrow we're thinking about going to take Daddy out for lunch. Which brings me around to my list for this week: Thirteen Things I LOVE about my Car
1. It reminds me of how much my hubby loves me. He got the 2005 Cadillac CTS with the navigation system when we were expecting Maggie and I knew I'd need a four-door to deal with the carseat and other miscellaneous baby stuff.
2. The message that TELLS me how much my baby loves me. The navi screen is customizable when you start the car. Hubby made it so when I start the car, the screen reads: "Maggie Loves her Mommy."
3. The butt warmers. I love my butt warmer.
4. The Bose home theater system. Hahahaha...Okay, not quite. It has Bose speakers, and hubby figured out how to watch a DVD while driving. Just to prove it could be done.
5. The stereo controls on the steering wheel. I love flipping through the channels without leaning over to the stereo. Yeah. That might be the height of laziness.
6. The dealership. That just comes with the car. ;) They are so nice when we go in for warranty work, and we always get a free rental at least as nice as ours while they work on it.
7. The express up and down windows. You push the button, hold it for a second, and the window ZOOMS up or down. Whee!!!
8. The sunroof. Well, I will love it again soon, anyway.
9. The magic gas tank. It never runs out! (Just like the magic laundry, honey.)
10. The navigation system. I don't have to admit when I get lost anymore!
11. The fact that it (usually) puts the baby to sleep. Nuff said.
12. The memory seat and mirrors. Whether hubby or I drives, it's only a touch of a button to get the seat and the mirrors where we want them.
13. The built in garage-door opener. Sometimes I'm just easy to please. :)

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh we need memory seats. Husband is 6'4" and I'm 5'2" so when he drives my car, he slams his knee into the dashboard. lol.

I also have the stereo controls on the steering wheel. Priceless I tell you.

Mental note: must have butt warmer on next car!!

siteseer said...

Sure you can't take a nap while driving? Those are a great 13

Cecily R said...

I want YOUR car! I don't honestly have 13 things I love about my van...lately I'm just glad it gets me to the school and back without something like the engine falling out!!

Anonymous said...

Eh, I need a navigation system. I am constantly getting turned around. Especially on interstates, that whole East/West, North/South thing gets me.

Michelle Lynn said...

You've sold me! Where can I get one? Preferably for free...