02 April 2008

Oopsy, Daisy!

I think I figured out why Maggie's tummy was fussy yesterday, and it was all mommy's fault :(

A little bit of back-story - I started taking prenatal vitamins a long time ago, when we got married and stopped using birth control. At first, I had the prescription ones. Once we actually conceived and started seeing our midwife, I started taking the natural ones, instead. This week I ran out of the natural ones and didn't feel like going to the store to get more right away (oh, if you don't know, I still take prenatals because I'm nursing - need all the nutrients I can get, dontcha know!). Yesterday I opened up one of the old prescription bottles and took one of those, figuring it was better than nothing.

Today, I went to dump out another one, and got a half-pill instead. Uh-oh. Why on earth would I take a half of a prenatal vitamin? Simple answer - I wouldn't. During the first year of our marriage I also had back surgery. I'm pretty sure what was in the bottle - that I took yesterday, was likely a Motrin 800. Oops! I don't think I'm supposed to take more than 400mg of Motrin while I'm nursing. Sorry for the tummy ouchies, baby :( Lucky I wasn't ever taking any top diet pills - that would have REALLY defeated the purpose of more vitamins, eh?


Anonymous said...

woops!! I stopped taking my prenatals a while back. I was just tired of downing horse pills daily.

siteseer said...

Is she better today? Actually she wasn't bad yesterday, just like you said, indicating a little pain once in a while. So much for mortin being a pain killer lol

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! That was always my fear when breast feeding. Worrying about meds getting into the milk. Hopefully she is feeling better today!