14 April 2008

New Projects

I'm not sure if I mentioned a couple weeks ago when hubby decided he wanted a new TV set for our living room. We looked around at stuff, and much to my delight, we ended up getting a new sound system instead. Yay! That means we got rid of the huge speakers (the size of coffee tables) that were in our living room. So we opened up more space, and have true surround sound too! The receiver thingy even plays my iPod, and the CD/DVD thing is a five disc changer. It's all hooked up now except the radio antenna.

Course, we are still looking at TVs. Since the only way to go now is flat screen, we'll have that anchored to the wall. The part I can't picture yet is where we'll house the receiver and subwoofer when we have no more need for an entertainment center for the TV. On our list very soon is to check out furniture stores to see what sort of corner unit we can use for the last few odds and ends, while of course keeping them Maggie-toddler-proof!


siteseer said...

I think you should check out putting the components in the office closet and running the wiring either in the basement or attic. That would free up even more space in the living room.

Tammy said...

I have questioned that myself. If you watch TV show's like on HGTV they show the TV on the wall with no cords, all pretty like a picture. How do you connect everything to the TV and where do you put them. Is it wireless? You let us know when you have this figured out.