23 April 2008

Happy Nine Months!

Poor kid. I'm trying to get my work hours in today and tomorrow so we can head out of town for a long weekend. So I plopped her in her jumperoo in front of Baby Einstein. Then I try and get her to cooperate so I can take a picture. The look you're seeing there? Yeah, it's, "Mom. I'm trying to watch my show like you said. Get out of my way and let me chew on this spoon in peace."

Maggie is nine months old today! According to the doctor visit earlier this week, she's 19 lbs, 8 oz, and 29 inches long. And though I'm not sure what the point is of measuring head circumference (does anyone know what theirs is offhand? Didn't think so.) - Maggie's is off the chart. It's because of all those big brains, I tell ya!


siteseer said...

Too cute!! All the pretty smiles she gives you and you get this "duh" picture lol. She's a doll.

Tammy said...

I thought see was singing! Very Cute.

Anonymous said...

she's precious!

Michelle said...

What a cute picture. Sounds like Maggie is a happy and healthy baby. Good job mommy!! I never did understand the head circumference measurement. When I had Hailey in for her 3 year check up they didn't check her head. Now they are using the body mass index. Just when I thought I knew what to expect at these visits the docs go and change things. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

You did notice the circumference of your husband's head before you got drunk and said you wanted to have his babies, Didn't You?

Eric said...

19.5 lbs? Your arms must be getting really strong!

I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but the purpose of the head circumference measurement was explained to me something like this:

Every child has a different head size, and the charts just simply show the typical distribution of sizes... what the doctor is looking for is extreme deviations from the norm (indicating a potential problem), or a change in development that doesn't make sense given your child's previous history. Your child's growth may be anywhere within the chart, but will typically follow a predictable curve. An increase in circumference above what is expected might indicate fluid buildup or other brain swelling, or a sudden reduction in the rate of growth might indicate for some reason that a child's brain is not developing as expected. My uneducated guess as to why this works well is because babies' skulls are still soft, and can expand due to internal pressure.

Nowadays, none of us look at our head size, unless we're buying a hat.