29 April 2008


There's a lot of posts around lately and talk about what to get mom for Mothers' Day. And with summer coming up, there are more graduations coming up. And our biggest events this year again (besides Maggie's first birthday, of course) are weddings, which of course started with proposals. That's how those things usually start. Hahahaha...

Sapphire Rings Ruby Rings Emerald Rings - perfect for Mothers' Day or that special graduate you know! And you don't have to worry if you're picking a good ring (or earrings, or bracelet...) because there's information on the site to educate yourself, so you can know you're picking something high-quality at a great price.

If this is the year someone you know is planning to get engaged, or just run off and elope like we did, be sure they know about Diamond Rings Wedding & Engagement Rings. At www.sndgems.com/, they can learn what they're looking at before they buy! I still remember how proud hubby was to get a good deal on a gorgeous ring for me. He still knows more about diamonds than I do - I just like it to sparkle!

But what can be more deserving of bling than a lasting, happy marriage? As the years go by is the time for Wedding Anniversary Rings Eternity Rings. Did I already tell you about my anniversary/Valentine's gift? Beautiful diamond earrings. They are gorgeous and fiery! He said he could have gotten bigger ones, but they wouldn't have had as much 'fire.' See how much he learned? He didn't sacrifice quality for quantity. The ones he picked are PERFECT for me.

If this is your spring to give - or get - bling, check out www.sndgems.com. They've got high-quality, low prices, the newest styles, product education and a great selection - from the comfort of your computer. What could be better?

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