11 March 2008

Yes, I AM that Pitiful

So some sales guy from AT&T just came to the door. Nevermind the fact that I was on the toilet, and the baby is FINALLY napping, so my first instinct was just to rip his throat out for ringing the doorbell. He was actually a pretty nice guy. But I'm trying to work here (as you can tell from the frequent posts...hahahaha).

The sales guy was making some noise about the whole analog to digital switch for TVs, and fiber-optic lines or some gibberish. I put on my sweet innocent face and said I didn't make any decisions around here. He talked about improving my internet. I said we already have DSL from SBC (which is AT&T). He asked how much we paid for that package. I had no idea. Seriously.

So he thinks I'm a completely useless female. And I don't really care.

I told him to come back in an hour or so after my husband gets home. Because he was a pretty nice guy (the AT&T sales guy, and my husband..hahaha).

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siteseer said...

With the deadline of February 2009 they are saying that there are a lot of scammers that we need to be aware of. They probably mean old people like me and not computer savy people like you :). One of these days I'm going to write down the web site to go to to get the coupon or whatever to get my box or whatever to keep using my antenna. Maybe I'll just quit watching tv