27 March 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Fourth Edition

I keep thinking back to a recent thread on a mom forum I'm active on. Someone asked what you would do if someone handed you $100,000 cash today. So here is my expanded list of Thirteen Things I'd Do with $100,000.
  1. Pay off my consolidation loan.
  2. Pay off my student loans.
  3. Set aside enough to pay for a few years of car insurance (which would then be my only bill).
  4. Tear down our deck and put in our patio.
  5. Build hubby the garage he wants.
  6. Pay for my parents' new porch.
  7. Pay for someone to do whatever it is my parents need done to their roof (cuz then my dad, my brother and hubby and his friend wouldn't have to tear it off!).
  8. Have our master bedroom and bathroom painted.
  9. Have my office painted.
  10. Replace the carpeting in the master bedroom and office.
  11. Get new windows.
  12. Get a new doorwall.
  13. Make sure all of our family could be at Maggie's first birthday party in July. :)

Well, I think I spent more than $100,000, but there it is.


Anonymous said...

But, what would you do for yourself? You need to buy something just for you!!!

siteseer said...

I feel bad that we won't be at the first birthday party :(. You'd definitely be putting a lot of contractors to work lol. On the recent Oprah's Big Give there were a lot of restrictions on giving away $100,000 and only one person did it. The other 5 or 6 failed! But with no restrictions it is definitely easier lol.