07 March 2008

A Possibility

So hubby was talking the other night about a possible trip to the UK for him within the next year. All I'd heard about the area so far was that it was expensive. That pretty much ruled it out for me. But if someone else is paying? Count me in for luxury spa holiday breaks.

How would an apartment with an attached spa package sound to you? Duh! Since I know a lot of you are moms, I'm guessing you'd be with me on this one (figuratively, not literally - sorry!). Course, the baby would have to be out of hearing range, or I'd be jumping up every little while to see what she needed. I bet that would take something out of a massage, or a nice soak in a whirlpool, or getting my hair or nails done. Wow - the longer I think about it, the more fun it sounds (if that's possible!).

The search for furnished corporate apartments is a little confusing for me - glad hubby would be booking this one! One of the problems we had in Germany was that they called an apartment with a living room and a bedroom, a 'two-room' apartment. In the States, we would say that was a one-bedroom apartment. How does that work in the UK? I tried to see what was available for St. Patty's Day (the closest holiday I can think to celebrate) in the States, but no results came up. Guess we'll have to sit this one out at home.

I'm back again. I tried to search for an apartment in England for a few nights later in the spring, but it said there's nothing available. Did they hear about the crying baby or something? Oh well. Honestly? The international flight with the baby wouldn't be worth it for such a short visit. Hubby already has more stamps than Maggie and I in his passport (thanks to boys' jaunts to Amsterdam). Looks like it's going to stay that way.

When he's gone, I definitely see a girls' party in the States coming up, though! :D

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Michelle said...

Sounds fun. Hope you get to go. Can you take me with you? I need a break!! LOL!!