18 March 2008

Hmmm... (this title's for you, Girl!)

I feel so...flat...lately. No, not my stomach (okay, it's not big, but it's not a washboard like I'd like, course it never has been...). See what I mean? I talk, but about nothing. Yesterday I actually sent an email about my daughter's poop. I'm afraid I've been reduced to a chronicle-er of poop. But I'm actually not too upset about it. Just apologizing to you all (both of you - hahaha) for the fluff you're reading lately. Want my take on some 'real issues?'

Michigan gets to re-do our primary. I didn't bother voting the first time (in the primary that was too early) becuase not all the candidates even got on the ballot. That, and I couldn't really decide who to vote for. Still can't. I'm definitely looking at the democratic ticket, not the republican one. But I go back and forth. Unless I hear something compelling, I may skip voting in the 'new' primary too.

I just had a baby seven months, three weeks and some odd days ago. I've obviously had sex in the past, but my mom reads this blog, so we won't go there :)

That is sort of on my list to address. We're having a dedication at the UU church for Maggie. I can have it include whatever I want, within a few parameters. Anything you've seen that's exceptionally cool/touching/meaningful? The minister sent me three clips of past dedications, and also suggested Google-ing the subject, then let him know what I like. Yet another reason I like this church :)


Michelle said...

I know how you feel about talking about your kids poop. I keep catching myself telling everyone Hailey finally uses the potty. Like they really care. LOL!!!

Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter too. Tell your mom I said hey.

Anonymous said...

When is the Primary re-do? B and I pretty much stopped watching news about the nominations now that Texas has had their Primaricaucus.

My mother tried to discuss my sex life in front of everyone at a family reunion years ago. She'd had a little too much to drink and just kept going. Talk about embarrassing. What was sad was at that point, I hadn't had sex yet and I think she assumed I had. *sigh*

BTW, nearly all moms talk about poop at some point or another. We used to do this to our friends all the time. It eventually stops... until potty training, of course. ;)