28 March 2008

Haiku Friday

Just another day.
More snow means cold and ugly.
Home for me and babe.

No kisses goodbye.
Dealing with snow and friends' stuff?
Drive extra safe now.

Dinner out tonight?
Maybe if I deserve it.
But probably not.

A busy weekend
for hubby - friend to help, and
a basketball game.

Next week? Probably
time off - out of work for me.
Free time = no money :(


Kathryn said...

Hurry up, spring! We need some help! No more snow!

Andria said...

I wish we could have just one of your snow days here in Texas!

secret agent mama said...

I hope that things thaw out quickly for you.

the planet of janet said...

it is clear that we are all done with winter!!!!

jennifer said...

It's still winter for you, too, huh!? Hope it ends soon.

Holly said...

I used to write a lot of haikus because I thought they were the most annoying form of writing out there and after some experience with writing them, I was completely right, so good job on the haikus since not many people can get them to work--Me included. I now like tankas, they're a bit easier on my mind.

Beautifully Unique said...

I don't know how you handle the snow, I would die. Best wishes for a great weekend none the less.