31 March 2008

Drumming my Fingers....

Not much to do today. We're between quarters at work, so there really isn't any work to do :( I got lucky and did four hours yesterday, but now that there's people in the office, they get to the reports before there's enough to log in working from home. Oh well. I checked on the job sites to see if I have an alternative for working from home that may be more consistent, but there's nothing unless I want phone work selling life insurance or something. No, thanks.

So I fed Maggie some apples and plums for lunch, and she ate some of a cookie. She just isn't a fan of food, so far. Which would pretty much make her like her momma. Was I much of an eater when I was little? I'm not sure. Now I eat usually because I have to. Okay, I do get a little hungrier from nursing, but you catch my drift. Maggie is gaining weight and giving me dirty diapers (thanks?), so it's all good :)

We're also working on some laundry, and playing. I don't get to play with her nearly enough when I'm supposed to be working at least six hours a day. Poor girl.


siteseer said...

Did you like food? Only anything we'd put in front of you. If we gave you crackers you didn't leave a single crumb on the tray lol. Yes, you loved to eat! And don't worry about playing with her enough. Remember she also has to learn how to entertain herself. It's important for her imagination. You are doing a GREAT job!!! I wish you had such a great Mom. Oh yeah, you did :)

Tammy said...

She will let you know what she wants and she sure doesn't look sickly. I think everything is fine and you are being a great mommy. I really wish I didn't like food!!!!!