07 February 2008

Less than a WEEK!!

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I'm only at the overwhelmed point so far, but excited is starting to creep in! We have a busy weekend to go before we leave.

Saturday is a baby shower for (pay attention, now) the wife of my husband's friend's younger brother. Didja get that? I also grew up down the street from the same friend and younger brother. My mom and sister-in-law are going too. So hubby is going to drive me and SIL the half hour or so out there, so he can show off baby and then give me a few hours where I can pay attention to what's going on instead of paying attention to baby.

Sunday is my Pampered Chef party. Yes, it is happening after all. I think the consultant is pretty surprised at the expected turn out, but she's not used to the fact that I used to do these things for a living, and know how they should be done. And everyone is coming just to see my cute baby :P Hubby will carry the torch on that one too, and keep her out from underfoot so I can visit with my friends. Yay for helpful hubby!!

Between Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I also need to work at least 10 hours. Then - at long last - we leave at like 6am or some ungodly hour to fly to Ft Lauderdale, then on to Freeport, Bahamas. Biggest YAY!!!


siteseer said...

be sure to bring back some warmth and sunshine :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds busy!! Hope you enjoy the baby shower and the bahama's...a nice getaway I'm sure is exactly what you need.

Michelle Lynn said...

That trip sounds heavenly. Enjoy your pre-trip party and then have fun and relax!

gail said...

color me jealous!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great time!!!

Unknown said...

so excited and jealous that your going on a trip, let alone the Bahamas! yay! Have fun at the baby shower and the party and if I dont' "talk" to you before your trip, have an awesome time! Good thing Maggie's a pro at flying:)